Holographic insight into tissue microcirculation perfusion
THI (Tissue Hemoglobin Index)
Focusing on & Reflecting blood volume change
Unique physiological index of regional tissue microcirculation perfusion
Strictly control intraoperative patient’s safety
Through the comprehensive interpretation of AUC, TUT, AUT and other indicators,
the time and severity of hypoxia of the patient’s important organs.
Early warning by providing an intelligent view
Start hypoxia warning in time to reduce
the incidence of the injury of cerebral tissue
Displaying intelligently microvascular function
Automatic calculation based on AI algorithm
Exclusively provide VOT functional indicators
Rapid assessment of tissue oxygen metabolism rate
and microvascular perfusion level
and full compatibility
Cover all wired and wireles
csonnection solutions in the market
Support multi-screen parallel
display function to improve work efficiency
Portable battery solution on demand,
it can be portable and replaceable
Professional life support
Strategic evaluation
and decision-making
The ability of cerebral blood flow
regulation and neurovascular coupling
function could be evaluated by static method
Suitable for
multiple clinical departments
Including testing and evaluation of microcirculation function of tissue
Assist to verify your judgement under the help from N17
Incorporate multi-modal vital signs monitoring
three-dimensional integrated modeling
Multi-mode monitoring method of trinity of cerebral oxygenation, EEG and cerebral blood flow
The relationship between the three indicators of the cerebral tissue in change
Opening up a definitely new space in the field of brain science
Multi-touch, smart Mark
The embedded VOT function helps rapid evaluation, one-key operation
Multiple optional monitoring durations, it’s presented as needed
CE moves forward
with the same standards
We have passed the CE
audit of authoritative regulatory agencies with high quality
It‘s the first one to receive CE
certification in the field of NIRS in China